Typical fees and costs associated with living in Sableridge Subdivision.

HOA Dues

Annual dues are about $500 per household. This fee is usually not part of a mortgage escrow account and must be paid by Dec. 31st with the HOA Management Company.


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While the amount varies widely per household, the median water bill is $50 per household. Residents are part of MUD 22 or MUD 23.


Trash is picked up twice per week by Texas Pride Trash Service on Monday and Thursday morning and billed $80 on a quarterly basis.


Houston is hot in the summer and mild in the winter. A typical summer electric bill for the subdivision might be $200 per month and a winter electric bill averages $60 per month, depending on your electric provider.


Most homes in the subdivision heat by gas. A summer gas bill might be $25 per month while a winter gas bill averages $60 per month. Gas is provided by Centerpoint Energy.


Digital services in the area are provided by Xfinity and ATT. Billing varies depending on your service.